All poor families in Zhanjiang village lifted out of poverty

( Updated : 2020-07-23

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To date, all the impoverished families in Haiwei village in Potou district, Zhanjiang have been lifted out of poverty with assistance from government sectors and benevolent entrepreneurs.

Haiwei has more than 140 households, with over 600 villagers whose main source of income used to be outside employment.

The Potou district bureau of natural resources has been paired with Haiwei for many years to support the village in building new infrastructure and promoting local development.

Officials from the bureau have been visiting and guiding the village, making scientific plans for industrial development, as well as devoting efforts to improving people's living environment and livelihoods.

The bureau also provided jobs for impoverished people in the village, involving sanitation and planting. The monthly income per person is more than 2,000 yuan ($286).


Haiwei village in Potou district, Zhanjiang currently boasts a clean and beautiful environment. [Photo by Liao Shichao/]

A cultural building, which has an investment of more than 3 million yuan, is under construction in Haiwei village. The building was donated by the benevolent entrepreneur Mo Peicheng.

"I'm Party member and a retired soldier. Haiwei was a poor village when I first came to it," said Mo.

The village is planning to build a creative industry center for veterans and a rural complex, which can provide more than 200 jobs for Haiwei residents and increase the village's collective income by over 2 million yuan, added Mo.

To date, more than 9 million yuan has been invested by Mo in improving facilities for diversion of rain and sewage water, leveling of land, as well as hardening roads.