Foreigners enjoy a happy Labor Day holiday in Zhanjiang

( Updated : 2020-05-06

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A total of 35 foreign teachers, students, and volunteers from Canada, Ghana, Pakistan, Benin, Cote d'Ivoire, Rwanda, Uzbekistan, and Nigeria traveled around Zhanjiang on May 3 for a Labor Day holiday trip organized by Guangdong Tongde Pharmaceutical Co Ltd and Loong Bay International Ocean Resort.

Their first stop was Suixi Confucius Cultural City, which is the largest newly-built Confucian cultural tourism area in China. The Confucian temple here is renowned as one of the three largest Confucian temples in China, with the other two being in Qufu, Shandong province and Jianshui, Yunnan province. 

Amoah Kwaku, a foreign student from the College of Fisheries of Guangdong Ocean University, said that Suixi Confucius Cultural City carries forward the excellent traditional culture of China, such asrespecting teachers and honoring truth.

Through this field visit to experience Confucianism, I got a deeper understanding of the profound Chinese traditional culture, said Niazi Nasar Ullah Khan, a foreign student at the College of Food Science and Technology of Guangdong Ocean University.

The foreigners also visited Loong Bay International Ocean Resort in Wuchuan to enjoy the beautiful seascape and characteristic towns, along with a bonfire and performances at night.

Irakiza Viviane, a foreign student from Lingnan Normal University, spoke highly of this event. "The event was rich in content and was well arranged from morning until night. We saw amazing scenery, experienced Chinese culture, and made many new friends. It was a rewarding trip."

Sam, a volunteer for foreign affairs in Zhanjiang, took part in this event with his wife and two sons. "My family had an unforgettable trip during the May Day holiday." 

Strict measures, such as measuring body temperature, real-name registration of personal information and health status, wearing masks, as well as using hand sanitizer, were adopted during the tripfor the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.


The 35 foreign teachers, students, and volunteers pose for a group photo at Confucius Cultural City in Suixi, a county in Zhanjiang, on May 3. [Photo by Liao Deyu/]