International company's regional headquarters settles in Xuwen

( Updated : 2020-04-01

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Xuwen county, Zhanjiang signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Susun Group on March 30, announcing that the company will establish its Southeast Asian regional headquarters base in Xuwen.

The agreement also covers the construction of a modern infrastructure system, as well as investment in a number of key projects.

Susun Group is an international large-scale infrastructure group company engaged in infrastructure investment and the construction of highways, subsea tunnels, cross-sea bridges, ports, docks, as well as municipal and hydraulic engineering projects.

The relevant person in charge of Susun Group said at the signing ceremony that the company will further take advantage of its resources, technology, and capital to bring advanced technology and management experience to Xuwen, promoting the high-quality and sustainable development of Xuwen's economy.

Xuwen government officials said that they expected that Susun Group will bring modern technology and equipment, advanced professionals, as well as new innovative ideas to the county, promoting the development of cooperation in various fields in a comprehensive, multi-level, and wide-ranging way.