Zhanjiang Customs strictly prevents imported COVID-19 cases

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-03-25

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Zhanjiang Customs requires all incoming crew members at ports in Zhanjiang to complete health declaration, epidemiological investigation, and nucleic acid tests as part of its comprehensive efforts to prevent and control imported cases of COVID-19.

According to the joint prevention and control mechanism, the relevant information and test results of the inbound crew will be immediately sent to the special overseas input control group of Zhanjiang. In addition, all crew will be transferred to the local health department to accept isolated observation.

According to the country's requirements for strengthening frontier health and quarantine work, Zhanjiang Customs and relevant departments will severely punish illegal and criminal acts in accordance with the law, cracking down on the following six types of illegal acts:

1. Inbound personnel who conceal or misrepresent the epidemic situation, forge or alter the quarantine form, and submit false records, such as concealing or falsely reporting the health declaration card or falsely declaring to customs that they have not taken antipyretics, cold medicine, cough medicine or other relevant medications within the past 14 days.

2. People who do not accept health quarantine measures, such as temperature monitoring, medical inspections, epidemiological investigations, medical investigations, or health treatment measures like isolation, detention, local inspection, and referral.

3. People who know or should be aware of special items, such as microorganisms, human tissues, biological products, blood, and products that may cause the spread of infectious diseases who evade quarantine, carry, and deliver them without approval.

4. Persons in charge of entry and exit vehicles who refuse to undergo sanitary quarantine or treatment while a person is infected with a infectious disease or a suspected infection is found. 

5. Persons in charge who intentionally conceal passengers who have died from unknown causes on an entry-exit vehicle from countries or regions with a severe epidemic situation.

6. Others who refuse to implement the quarantine measures proposed by the customs in accordance with laws and regulations.