Hubei workers return to work in Zhanjiang

( Updated : 2020-03-24

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After a near 21-hour long journey, four chartered buses that departed from Jingmen, Hubei province arrived at the construction site of the China-Kuwait Integrated Refining Base in Zhanjiang Economic Development Zone. On board were the first batch of Hubei employees that have returned to work in Zhanjiang.

A total of 69 backbone technicians with good health conditions from Jingmen arrived in Zhanjiang at noon. They have received nucleic acid tests and been under quarantine for medical observation.

As the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic subsides in Hubei province and gradually improves, low-risk areas in the province have been allowing people to return to work in batches.

The China-Kuwait Integrated Refining project is one of the key projects in Zhanjiang and many of its employees come from Jingmen, Hubei. To ensure that Hubei employees return to work normally, the human resources and social security bureau of Zhanjiang Economic Development Zone has set up specialized team to provide 24-hour service for each enterprise, as well as organized chartered buses to pick up workers in Hubei.


Zhanjiang Economic Development Zone organizes chartered buses to help Hubei workers come back to work. [Photo by Deng Yaorui/Zhanjiang Daily]