Collective economy promotes rural revitalization in Wuchuan

( Updated : 2020-03-19

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Tangji village in Wuchuan has been built into a demonstration village in Zhanjiang with a comprehensive public service system by combining its own actual situation, promoting the integration of ecological construction and the improvement of living environment, as well as implementing the rural revitalization strategy in depth. 

Developing the rural economy has been made the top priority of rural revitalization. Meanwhile, the  village has continuously improved the economic environment, built economic platforms, and led the coordinated development of various industries through investment promotion.

Tangji village has established village-level cooperative organizations to adapt to the development of modern agriculture. It has built a new type of agricultural socialized service system that combines public service and business services, as well as coordinates professional services with comprehensive services. Various professional and technical associations, as well as professional cooperatives led by village-level organizations were set up to provide production and operation services, such as technical guidance, information transmission, materials supply, and marketing, thus increasing the collective income.


A farmer's market in Tangji village, Wuchuan is built through a shareholding system.  [Photo/]

The village has vigorously developed the tertiary industry, as well as guided agriculture to large-scale and characteristic development. At present, the village has established one agricultural company, two farmhouses, three agricultural cooperatives, and one family farm. The two-kilometer long commercial avenue has been renovated, and 60 new shops have settled on it. The collective income of the village has increased rapidly year-after-year. In 2018, the village's collective rental income was nearly 600,000 yuan ($84,816.44).

The entire village also mobilized to raise funds in the form of a shareholding system to build a comprehensive market, with an area of 20,000 square meters, to further accelerate the economic development of Tangji. It is estimated that the collective income of the village will increase by more than 3 million yuan in 2020.

The village also rationally develops collective land resources to achieve sustainable development of the village-level collective economy, as well as innovates the organization and operation modes of collective economic projects.