Zhanjiang opens chartered buses for migrant workers

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-02-25

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The Zhanjiang municipal government and the Zhanjiang human resources department organized the first batch of chartered buses for migrant workers from Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region from Feb 22 to 23 to help them return to work in Zhanjiang.

A total of seven buses were sent to pick up the workers in Guigang, Guangxi. Temperature measurement and disinfection of the workers were conducted by medical staff before they boarded the buses. The identity and health information of each worker were checked by the police. Masks and hand disinfectants were also provided on the buses.

The first batch of chartered buses have helped a total of 141 migrant workers from Guangxi return to work.

There are currently 179,000 migrant workers in Zhanjiang. The local government has required that enterprises provide protective equipment and take protective measures to employees who have returned to work to ensure their health and work safety.


Chartered buses of Zhanjiang are ready to pick up migrant workers in Guangxi. [Photo by Nie An/gdzjdaily.com.cn]


Migrant workers board the chartered buses and return to work in Zhanjiang. [Photo by Nie An/gdzjdaily.com.cn]