Zhanjiang helps transport anti-epidemic supplies to Hainan

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-02-19

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The Zhanjiang transportation bureau has recently helped prevent and control the epidemic in Hainan province by shipping medical materials for free, making every effort to ensure emergency rescue supplies in the Qiongzhou Strait.

In order to ensure the rapid, safe, and smooth passage of the materials earmarked for epidemic prevention and control across the Qiongzhou Strait, relevant government departments, as well as various port and shipping companies have participated in the efforts with preferential policies of no appointments, free shipping, and priority shipments.

On Feb 10, Shuangtai Group, a subsidiary of Zhanjiang Shipping Group, received a notification and arranged a special vessel to deliver the first batch of epidemic prevention materials, weighing 191.75 tons, to Hainan for free. As of Feb 16, the company has carried out a total of three special shipping missions of medical supplies and 11 vehicles, successfully completing the transport tasks.

Zhanjiang has set up special ships to transport medical alcohol, 84 disinfectant, and hydrogen peroxide at 4 pm every day since Feb 13 to ensure smooth and efficient transportation of anti-epidemic materials.