Mazhang arranges fund to support enterprises resuming work

( Updated : 2020-02-17

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In order to help and support enterprises during the novel coronavirus epidemic outbreak, Mazhang district in Zhanjiang has issued 10 measures to support enterprises in resuming work and arranged 10 million yuan ($1.43 million) of special funds for supporting enterprises, underlining the important role of enterprises in epidemic prevention and control.

Production costs of enterprises will be reduced, especially in terms of labor, electricity, and water. Enterprises will be given a one-time employment subsidy of 0.20 yuan per kilowatt-hour of electricity, 0.50 yuan per ton of water, and 1,000 yuan per employee.

The government will assist enterprises in procuring preventive and control materials like masks, protective clothing, disinfection supplies, and thermometers. A group of doctors will be assembled to provide staff with training on epidemic prevention and control.

For enterprises affected by the epidemic that are unable to pay social insurance and housing provident funds on time, they can postpone payment until three months after the epidemic is resolved.

For enterprises that meet the conditions for deferred tax payment, the tax payment period shall not be longer than three months.

The new loans in 2020 for key enterprises that have played an important role in supporting epidemic prevention and control efforts will be given discounts.

Industrial enterprises that are self-employed will receive a one-time reward of 50,000 yuan. New industrial enterprises above designated size will be given a one-time reward of 100,000 yuan.