Digital services help epidemic control in Zhanjiang

( Updated : 2020-02-17

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The Zhanjiang government has recently actively used the advantages of information technology to comprehensively implement new strategies spanning 5G, internet services, and big data to help novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control efforts in the city.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, communication enterprises in Zhanjiang are using 5G to quickly and accurately monitor the network operation status of designated treatment hospitals, disease control centers, and medical institutions in the city.

The Affiliated Hospitals of Guangdong Medical University and Zhanjiang Central People's Hospital have opened online consultation services based on 5G, making full use of expert resources for online diagnosis and communication, reducing direct contact between doctors and patients.

Information technology enterprises have been mainly conducting screening through two methods, AI remote temperature measurement and AI efficient inspection, to make up for the lack of manpower at the grassroots level and to improve inspection efficiency.

For areas with a large number of people, such as airports, high-speed rail stations, and high-speed intersections, human body temperature detection is performed by thermal imaging cameras to achieve fast and accurate body temperature, further improving the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control efforts.

China Unicom's Zhanjiang branch also provides a smart platform that uses AI technologies like speech recognition and natural language processing to automatically generate multi-dimensional reports after analysis to improve the efficiency of epidemic investigation.

It also uses mature algorithm models to provide relevant data analysis, supporting research and analysis of the epidemic's situation, epidemic prevention and control deployment, as well as big data reports to assist the government in making accurate policies.