Online mask purchasing service a hit in Zhanjiang

( Updated : 2020-02-14

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Zhanjiang's online mask purchasing service was officially launched on Feb 7, and the city optimized and adjusted the appointment rules on Feb 12, removing limits on the duration of an appointment.

The KN90 masks purchased by the Zhanjiang government entrusted by Sinopharm Group were provided to residents at the low price of 1.80 yuan ($0.26) each. Offline pharmacy distribution consists of a total of 500 pharmacies in Zhanjiang's six major pharmaceutical chains. The service adopts a centralized purchasing and head office distribution model to establish a precise logistics delivery system and to successfully open up offline purchasing channels. China Post's Zhanjiang Branch has used its extensive express delivery network to ensure the efficiency and convenience of ordinary postal services.

Since the appointment service was launched on the WeChat account of the Zhanjiang government office on Feb 7, three appointment purchase announcements, three Q&As, and six daily notifications have been released, providing the latest and the most authoritative purchasing guide, generating a total of more than 1 million views.

In addition, two purchasing methods, one for booking appointments at stores and the other for having masks sent by mail, are provided to residents to meet people’s needs in different regions and different ages.

As of Feb 12, Zhanjiang has successfully released more than 600,000 masks to the public over six consecutive days, with a total of 101,689 people having made reservations.