Zhanjiang supports enterprises resume production

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-02-12

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The Zhanjiang government held a meeting on Feb 11 to analyze its current novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control efforts, as well as the current situation following the resumption of work production in the city.

The meeting's focus was on steadily responding to the risks and challenges brought by workers returning to Zhanjiang and enterprises resuming production. It determined that scientific and effective epidemic prevention and control in cases of resumed production should be carried out, transportation inspection barriers should be used well, communities should be involved in epidemic prevention and control, as well as that medical treatment and security should be prepared.

Departments at all levels in Zhanjiang must improve the relevant mechanisms for epidemic prevention and control, as well as take multiple measures to help enterprises resume production, striving to minimize adverse effects of the epidemic outbreak.

The public health emergency management system, public health service system, and market supervision system should be further improved, the production capacity layout should be optimized, as well as the governance system and the modernization level of government services should be promoted.

Most importantly, supporting policies for all kinds of enterprises must be implemented and that employment will be propped up.