Legalization construction elevates business environment in Zhanjiang

( Updated : 2020-01-13

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Zhanjiang courts at two levels spared no effort last year to provide judicial services for the private economy and optimize the legal governance of the business environment, thereby supporting Zhanjiang's economic development.

In 2019, 33,658 civil and commercial cases of various types were accepted, and 30,584 cases were closed, an increase of 6.81 percent and 6.82 percent, respectively.

Zhanjiang Intermediate People's Court helped promote successful reform of the rural credit cooperatives in the city. It has explored a number of innovative judicial measures, searched for solutions to the maintenance of financial claims, established a project coordination mechanism to simplify litigation case processes, and improved case completion.

In order to prevent financial risks, the court led a meeting with more than 30 financial regulators and banks, issuing guidelines for handling financial disputes and guiding financial institutions to plug legal loopholes, advance claims, increase collection efforts, improve loan contracts, and unify litigation documents and certification standards.

In addition, the legal training system for private enterprises established by Zhanjiang Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Zhanjiang Intermediate People's Court, as well as the working mechanism which integrates mediation and litigation, are very popular with enterprises and workers. It has promoted the establishment of various management systems in private businesses which effectively meet the demands and expectations of major private companies.

Since 2019, the courts at both levels of Zhanjiang have concluded 8,336 financial borrowing, informal lending, stocks, and futures cases, with a target amount of 5.12 billion yuan ($738.72 million).