Zhanjiang's hi-tech industry continues to flourish

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-01-09

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Last year, the scale of high-tech enterprises in Zhanjiang continued to grow and achieved good results. It is estimated that the total output value of high-tech industries in the city in 2019 will exceed 78 billion yuan ($11.24 billion), and the number of high-tech enterprises will exceed 230.

In 2019, Zhanjiang has vigorously cultivated high-tech enterprises and taken measures to encourage companies to apply for the title of high-tech enterprises, such as establishing a working mechanism for dynamic updating of high-tech enterprises' information base, holding high-tech industry publicity and training activities, setting up a reserve cultivation bank and account books, carrying out one-on-one coaching, supporting science and technology service institutions, as well as issuing preferential policies.

In addition, Zhanjiang has set up special topics for various key scientific and technological projects to address key technology problems and technological innovations of enterprises for major high-tech industries, as well as increase financial support for science and technology.

In order to better promote the development of high-tech enterprises, Zhanjiang will cultivate a group of sci-tech enterprises with core competitiveness around modern port industries like steel, refining, and fine chemicals, as well as strategic emerging industries and traditional advantageous industries.

The city will also introduce a series of supporting policies to form a more complete and effective policy system, as well as promote innovation and development.