Spanish frozen pork to increase domestic market supply

( Updated : 2019-12-03

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Staff members of Zhanjiang Customs check the frozen pork from Spain. [Photo/Nanfang Plus]

The imported frozen pork from Spain first arrived at Zhanjiang Port on Nov 27 and was approved by Zhanjiang Customs in less than 24 hours to help enter the market quickly and supplement domestic market supply. The 24 tons of pork has a value of 582,000 yuan ($82,775.1).

To ensure the safe and efficient customs clearance of the frozen pork, Xiahai Customs under the jurisdiction of Zhanjiang Customs, inspected the integrated facilities of cold chain inspection and storage of imported meat in advance to ensure that the storage environment, temperature, and sampling equipment met the requirements.

The customs adopted quarantine approval, verification certificates, unpacking inspections, and other measures to ensure the safety and sanitation of imported frozen pork products. It also implemented an overtime working system to ensure the inspection tasks are completed in time, and a mechanism to improve document review and certificate grant efficiency.


A business leader showcases the customs clearance documents of the imported frozen pork. [Photo/Nanfang Plus]