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Zhanjiang strengthens public services in rural schools

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2019-11-06

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Students of Shagu Primary School in Suixi county, Zhanjiang do art projects at the children's palace. [Photo by Yin Yizhan/gdzjdaily.com.cn]

According to a survey on the construction of "children's palaces" in rural schools conducted by the Zhanjiang civilization office, all of the inspected 18 rural schools have set up effective mechanisms and various activities.

Children's palaces are public facilities where children engage in extracurricular activities. They are an important platform and place for the government to provide youth public services. They enable children to study humanities, art, and science, as well as to make friends. They are a place where children are able to cultivate interests and hobbies, as well as a venue for them to be able to learn, play, and exercise, enjoying extracurricular public services.

Relying on local natural resources and human resources, rural schools in Zhanjiang have carried out renovations on existing venues and classrooms, equipping them with facilities for a variety of cultural and recreational activities, skills training, as well as various forms of moral education practice activities. Some schools have also explored the specialties of teachers to help children learn traditional folk arts.

The government calls for strengthening the construction of public services in rural schools, as well as promoting the ideological and moral education of minors.