Bright Wuchuan boosts night economy

( Updated : 2019-10-29

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Night view of Wuchuan, Zhanjiang. [Photo by Sun Ning/Zhanjiang Daily]

The "lighting project" in Wuchuan, Zhanjiang has energized its night economy, bolstering the city's catering, shopping, fitness, entertainment, and leisure industries, as well as promoting the economic and social development of Wuchuan.

The project started from August 2011, adding colorful lights on the main roads in Wuchuan's downtown area, as well as the railings and bridges on both sides of the Jianjiang River. Buildings along the riverside roads and Wuchuan's landmark buildings were also encouraged to illuminate at night.

Through continuous optimization and improvement of the lighting landscape of the urban area, Wuchuan has enhanced the travel experience and consumption experience of residents and tourists, thus promoting the city's night economy.

Night economy reflects the level of a city's economic development and measures its economic vitality. "The colorful urban night in Wuchuan will attract more residents to travel at night, form more consumer markets and hot spots, as well as increase the charm of the city," said Chen Pu, deputy director of the urban management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau of Wuchuan.

Its popularity has bolstered Wuchuan's economy and culture, developing its tertiary industry and creating more jobs.

In the future, Wuchuan will develop night tours on Jianjiang River and build a green landscape belt along the river.