Intl refining-chemical project to complete construction

( Updated : 2019-10-10

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 The Sino-Kuwait Integrated Refining project is under construction. [Photo/]

The first boiler of the power station of the Sino-Kuwait refining-chemical integration base was recently successfully ignited, signifying that the project has gradually turned into a production plant that has started operation.

The Sino-Kuwait Integrated Refining project is the first large-scale refining and chemical engineering project built by Sinopec, and is also a key construction project of Guangdong's during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. The first phase of the project will include 10 million tons of oil refining per year, 800,000 tons of ethylene per year, as well as related supporting public utilities. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

"The project adopts the most advanced production process control technology in the world, and its energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection design have all reached the highest standards in the world," said Liu Tao, head of the environmental protection department of the project. Based on clean production principles, the environmental protection design of the project has a total investment of nearly 3.7 billion yuan ($518.36 million).

The project is adjacent to Zhanjiang Baosteel, which will make full use of the advantages of steel and petrochemical projects to forming complementary advantages and rationally utilizing the mutual supply of materials like oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen. With the advantages of Zhanjiang Port, refined oil and chemical products will be able to access the South China market and be directly exported to the international market, bringing profits of more than 1 billion yuan every year.


A panoramic view of the Sino-Kuwait Integrated Refining project. [Photo/]

After the first phase of the project is put into production, the petrochemical industry chain will play a powerful role in the development of the regional economy. It is estimated that the annual output value will exceed 60 billion yuan, and that the profit and tax generated will be nearly 30 billion yuan. It is expected to become a new engine for economic growth in Zhanjiang, and help to build an important development pole for the modern coastal economic belt. 

In addition, the project will drive the improvement of local infrastructure and public facilities, accelerate the modernization of Donghai Island, as well as facilitate the development of Zhanjiang.