Zhanjiang launches emergency broadcast

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2019-09-05

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Established by the Zhanjiang emergency management bureau and Zhanjiang Radio and Television Station, Zhanjiang Emergency Broadcasting (FM98.1) was officially launched on Sept 4.

Relying on the authoritative information source of the Zhanjiang emergency management bureau, Zhanjiang Emergency Broadcasting will build an authoritative, fast, and efficient emergency information collection, processing, and dissemination system through Zhanjiang News Broadcasting and its new media platforms, such as WeChat and Weibo, thus playing an important role in releasing information and guiding public opinion.

When sudden events such as heavy rain, typhoons, and safety accidents occur, Zhanjiang Emergency Broadcasting will initiate an emergency response to give rapid and comprehensive dissemination of emergency information, as well as help disaster prevention, reduction, and relief.

Cao Xing, deputy mayor of Zhanjiang, said at the launch ceremony that it is necessary to further improve the long-term mechanism and the issuing mechanism of emergency information, serving as the front line of emergency management.

After the launch ceremony, the leaders of the Zhanjiang emergency management bureau, relevant department heads, and business representatives accepted the first live interview on emergency management, safety production, disaster prevention, and mitigation functions.