Chess and Go activities to be held during Zhangjiang Book Fair

( Updated : 2019-08-12

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Two kids in ancient costumes read books at the 2018 Zhanjiang Book Fair. [Photo/]

The Zhangjiang branch of the 2019 South China Book Festival and the Zhanjiang Book Fair will be held at Zhanjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center from Aug 16 to 20. Chinese chess and Go chess (a traditional Chinese board game) competitions, as well as exchange activities will be carried out at the same time.

Hosted by the Zhanjiang Municipal Chess Association, the Chinese Chess Cultural Exchange Exhibition will open at 9:30 every day from Aug 16 to 20. The event will set up a chess challenge tournament with three levels on the spot and winners will receive prizes or bonuses. Famous Chinese chess players from Zhanjiang will be invited to conduct interactive chess and art exchanges with visitors, including explaining chess, playing games of chess, and exploring chess culture. The exhibition area will also build a chess culture wall, showing the history, celebrities, social role, related industry, and the government's policy regarding Chinese chess, so that visitors can further understand chess culture.

In addition, from 9:00 to 21:00 on Aug 16 to 20, the Go Chess Cultural Exchange will also be held concurrently. A history display of Go chess, a Go chess etiquette performance, and Go chess challenge games with well-known teachers will also be carried out.