Techeng Island listed as major destination for rural tourism

( Updated : 2019-07-09

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Flourishing mangrove forests on Techeng Island have become an attractive sight. [Photo/]

Techeng Island in Xiashan district was the only candidate from Zhanjiang to make it onto the list of "national major villages for rural tourism," according to the Zhanjiang municipal bureau of culture, radio, television, tourism and sports.

The list was released by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. A total of 18 villages around the province, including Dapuwei village in Guangzhou's Zengcheng district and Nanmen village in Zhuhai's Doumen district, succeeded in becoming a "national major village for rural tourism." 

To become a major destination for rural tourism, villages are required to meet a series of standards. They should be rich in culture and tourism resources with certain historical, cultural or scientific values, as well as have comprehensive infrastructure and public services. The natural ecology and traditional culture should be well preserved so that there are idyllic scenery and architecture with regional and ethnic characteristics. The villages are also required to have clear plans for rural tourism development, as well as have complete and mature tourism products. There should also be scientific system for tourism revenue distribution to assure local villagers gain practical benefits from tourism development. 


Beautiful views of Techeng Island. [Photo/]


Techeng Island. [Photo/]