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Zhanjiang streamlines vehicle license handling procedure

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2019-06-24

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From June 1, citizens across China have been able to take their car driver's licensing tests in any place across the country with their ID cards. By June 5, there were 10 non-local people who had obtained their drivers license for small cars in Zhanjiang.

The ability to undergo driver license testing for small cars across China is a measure of public security organizations' reforms to streamline administration, delegate powers, as well as improve regulation and services. It is very convenient to apply for a license for a car in Zhanjiang. The driver only needs to bring their ID card and it takes half an hour to handle the application procedure. Since the beginning of this year, Zhanjiang's traffic police department has carried out a series of measures to bring greater convenience to citizens in handling car-related affairs.

A window for all business

At the Zhanjiang vehicle administrative office, professional staff offers consultation for residents and provide publicity materials to let them know more about the vehicle administrative office's services. While there, residents can handle all of their car-related business at one window, greatly saving their time. "In the past, when I handled car-related business at the vehicle administrative office, I usually went to the wrong window or lined up in front of several windows just for one issue, which wasted a lot of time for me. Fortunately, it is now more and more convenient to handle the application procedure at the vehicle administrative office," said Mr. Zhou, who handled his vehicle transfer application at the vehicle administrative office.

Self-help handling

To avoid residents waiting long to handle their vehicle related issues, the vehicle administrative office has set up a 24-hour self-help handling area for residents handling relevant issues.

To date, residents can handle a number of vehicle-related issues, such as applying to replace a driver's license, driver information queries, and vehicle information queries in the self-help handling area, effectively easing the working burden of the staff.

Online app brings convenient and considerate service for residents

To fully push forward the reform to streamline administration, delegate powers, as well as improve regulation and services, the vehicle administrative office has promoted the 12123 app for mobile phones, which enables residents to directly handle 30 vehicle-related issues on it, including penalty payments, examination reservations, and number selections for new car.

Residents can handle vehicle-related issues at home without going to the vehicle administrative office. They can make a reservation on the app for the annual inspection of cars used for six years, as well as select the vehicle monitoring station near their home for annual car inspection.


A citizen handles vehicle related issues at a self-help machine with the guidance of a police officer. [Photo by Chen Kaijie/gdzjdaily.com.cn]