Find attractions at the 2019 Guangdong-ASEAN Agricultural Trade Expo

( Updated : 2019-06-04

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As the 2019 Guangdong-ASEAN Agricultural Trade Expo opened in Zhanjiang on May 30, many guests and citizens came to visit and discovered some highlights at the site.

This year's Expo set up the Guangdong Lychee Pavilion for the first time, showcasing more than a dozen famous varieties of Cantonese lychees and numerous processed lychee products.

Guangdong province is a famous traditional lychee production area in China and Zhanjiang is one of the main producing bases in the province. The total planted area in Zhanjiang is nearly 300,000 mu (20,000 hectares), and the annual output is about 150,000 tons. Currently, the products are sold mainly fresh to large and medium-sized cities in the country, such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou. Some products are also exported to countries such as the United States, Canada, and Japan. The city has an export volume of 1,500 tons per year. 

The Expo used innovative methods to promote agricultural products this year. As one of the organizers, Guangdong Zhanjiang State Farms Group provided high quality services such as tastings for all guests and citizens. It also promoted products in the form of live demonstrations, making the agricultural products lively and interesting to attendees.

In addition, Internet Plus has also been introduced to the Expo. Yimutian, a company which built a leading B2B (Business-to-Business) e-commerce platform of agricultural products in China, also attended the Expo. It is an internet company based on mobile Internet technology, focusing on the origin of agricultural products and promoting the efficient circulations of agricultural products.

According to Yimutian, its B2B platform mainly provides trading service for agricultural products operators with a certain scale. The company's promotion meeting at the Expo has attracted many suppliers and buyers of agricultural products, including farmers' professional cooperatives, family farms, leading agricultural enterprises, agricultural wholesalers, processing enterprises, supermarkets, and export companies.