Number of patents granted in Zhanjiang surges by 67 percent in 2018

( Updated : 2019-05-10

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In 2018, the intellectual property applications in Zhanjiang hit 6,705 and over 5,000 patents have been granted, up by 66.73 percent compared with 2017, according to reports from Zhanjiang Daily.

Last year, the southern Chinese city implemented the "Zhanjiang High-tech Industry Cultivation Plan" and revised the "Zhanjiang High-tech Enterprise Support Measures", making new breakthroughs in the cultivation of high-tech enterprises. It recommended 126 enterprises to apply for the recognition of National High-tech Enterprise, and 84 enterprises have passed the certification with a passing rate of 67 percent, surpassing the provincial average for the first time. 

Currently, there are a record-high 196 high-tech enterprises in the city, which is five times the number in 2015. In addition, 109 national small and medium-sized sci-tech enterprises have been set up in Zhanjiang in 2018. To date, the output value of the city's high-tech industry exceeded 70 billion yuan ($10.3 billion), an increase of 16 percent compared with the previous year. 

Through the implementation of a full coverage of incubators in the district, county, and municipal levels, as well as the collective coverage of the creation of these spaces, Zhanjiang has further upgraded its high-tech incubation system. In 2018, four municipal level incubators and three maker spaces has been set up, along with the establishment of three provincial level agricultural maker spaces. Currently, there are 21 incubators and maker spaces across the city, covering an area of nearly 50,000 square meters, up by 60 percent from 2017.


The research and development center of Guangdong Roc Cool and Heat Equipment Company, which is based in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province. [Photo/]