9 students from Zhanjiang university honored in Belarus

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2019-04-09

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Nine students from Lingnan Normal University in Zhanjiang who are currently studying at Belarusian State University of Physical Culture were honored as "Outstanding Overseas Chinese Students" by Belarus's education department. 

To deepen the training of international sports talent and spread the traditional culture of China, the Zhanjiang-based Lingnan Normal University built a Confucius Classroom with the Belarusian school.

The nine awarded students, Wang Liying, Chen Lang, Tang Qiuxian, Qiu Guangwei, Lei Hanjie, Yu Jialiang, You Juliang, Hu Bingyi, and Ren Jie, have all interned at the special program and are now studying at Belarusian State University of Physical Culture for master's and doctoral degrees. While striving to learn advanced global sports education and training, they have also acted as teachers in the Confucius Classroom to spread traditional Chinese culture such as Chinese tea art, painting, calligraphy, and martial arts.

"What impressed me the most was our performance in a primary school in Belarus," said Tang Qiuxian. The dragon and lion dance they performed was so well-received that local residents swarmed and blocked the school gates, with even young children expressing their greetings and respect to Tang and his team.

The nine students are particularly skilled at martial arts, and they are often invited to participate in various activities in Belarus. To date, their performances of martial arts, as well as dragon and lion dances have been held in many Belarusian cities.