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Zhanjiang comes alive as spring approaches

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2019-02-27

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Spring is in the air as Zhanjiang warms up and flowers begin to bloom. Take a look at the photos for a taste of spring in the coastal southern city.

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Nanguo Tropical Garden is awash with blooming galsang flowers. [Photo/Zhanjiang Daily]

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Locals snap photos among the golden trumpet trees that have begun bursting into yellow. [Photo/Zhanjiang Daily]

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Kapok trees at the corner of Zhanjiang Theatre are adorned with conspicuous flowers. [Photo/Zhanjiang Daily]

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Kapok flowers are eager to stretch their petals as spring approaches in Zhanjiang. People in Zhanjiang have a soft spot for kapok trees, as they use its cotton to make clothing and its flowers to cook soup. [Photo/Zhanjiang Daily]


Clerodendrum quadriloculare blooms near the Ferris wheel in Haibin Park. The species, native to New Guinea and the Philippines, is a rare sight in Zhanjiang. [Photo/Zhanjiang Daily]