Zhanjiang takes big strides in 2018

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2019-01-31

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The southern coastal city of Zhanjiang has taken big strides in infrastructure construction, attracting investment and improving living standards over the past year, while setting even higher goals for next year, according to Party Chief Zheng Renhao.

In 2018, Zhanjiang invested 16.66 billion yuan ($2.48 billion) in transportation development, an increase of 61 percent over the previous year. The Jiangmen-Zhanjiang Railway, the first high-speed railway to pass through the city, opened to universal acclaim. Another four high-speed railways will follow.


A train runs on the Jiangmen-Zhanjiang Railway on July 1, 2018. [Photo by Zhang Jiayang/news.cn]

The cargo throughput of Zhanjiang Port exceeded 300 million tons last year, ranking 1st in Beibu Gulf and 2nd in Guangdong. Its 400,000-ton shipping lane, the first of its kind in South China, will soon begin construction.

In addition, the State Council has approved the pre-feasibility report of Zhanjiang International Airport, and construction on the airport terminal has already begun. A modern stereoscopic transport system has taken shape in the city.

Due in part to its improved transport system, investment have been flowing into the city. BASF, for instance, will take out $10 billion to build a Verbund chemical production site in Zhanjiang, which would be by far the largest single investment ever made by the German chemical giant.

Shenzhen-based Overseas Chinese Town Group also plans to invest no less than 50 billion yuan over the next few years to help Zhanjiang develop all-for-one tourism under a cooperation agreement signed with the local government last October.

Last year, Zhanjiang's GDP grew by 6 percent, exceeding 300 billion yuan. Fixed-asset investment, total retail sales of consumer goods and general public budget revenue all recorded double-digit growth. More than 80 percent of fiscal expenditures were used to improve people's living quality, and the top 10 livelihood projects planned for 2018 have all been completed.

Still striving to reach new heights, Zhanjiang will begin work on 242 major projects in 2019. With an investment of 46 billion yuan, the city will work toward becoming a center of growth in a modern coastal economic belt, said Zheng during the 2nd Session of the 13th Guangdong Provincial People's Congress.


Zhanjiang will invest 46 million yuan in 2019 to establish itself as a center of growth in a modern coastal economic belt, said Party Chief Zheng Renhao at the 2nd Session of the 13th Guangdong Provincial People's Congress. [Photo by Wu Jiawei/news.cn]