Intl Vertical Marathon Tour comes to Zhanjiang

( Updated : 2018-12-25

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Hundreds of runners put their legs and lungs to the test by climbing the 193-meter-high Zhanjiang Huaduhui International Center on Dec 22 as part of the 2018 International Vertical Marathon Tour.

Participants had to climb 908 steps and 38 stories as fast as they possibly could. The fastest runner finished it in three minutes 30 seconds.

The vertical marathon originated in 1978 when people raced to the top of the Empire State Building. It has been growing in popularity ever since and millions of people from more than 92 countries now take part in the sport annually.


Runners race to the top of the Zhanjiang Huaduhui International Center during the 2018 International Vertical Marathon Tour in Zhanjiang. [Photo/]