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164 cultural heritage sites now protected in Wuchuan

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2018-12-20

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Wuchuan, a county-level city in Zhanjiang, has recently released a catalogue of 164 cultural heritage sites for protection.

According to the catalogue, Wuchuan has six provincial cultural heritage sites. They include the Shuangfeng Pagoda, the former residences of Chen Lanbin, Zhang Yan and Li Hanyun, the Wu Great Ancestral Hall and the former site of Shide School.

The city also contains eight municipal, 13 county-level, and 137 ordinary cultural heritage sites. Most of the sites are well-preserved.

The release of the catalogue marks a significant step forward for Wuchuan in carrying out rural rejuvenation. The cultural relics on the list will be legally protected from man-made damage, unauthorized removal, and demolition.


Shuangfeng Pagoda is a provincial cultural heritage site in Wuchuan. [Photo/gdzjdaily.com.cn]