Construction begins on Baosteel Zhanjiang No 3 blast furnace

( Updated : 2018-12-07

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Construction began on the No 3 blast furnace of Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel on Dec 6, which will cost a total of 18.85 billion yuan ($2.7 billion).

The project will focus on the production of cold-rolled and hot-rolled high-strength steel, high-strength and high-surface grade pickling sheets and auto shell sheets. The proportion of high-strength and high-surface products will increase substantially.

After being put into operation in July 2021, the project is expected to increase the energy utilization rate, as well as production, logistics and labor efficiency. Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel will be able to produce 12.25 million tons of molten iron, 12.53 million tons of molten steel, and 10.81 tons of steel products annually.


Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel is a branch of Baosteel, one of China's largest steel manufacturing groups. [Photo/]

Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel is a steel production base that was built by Baosteel, one of China's largest steel manufacturing groups, to eliminate outdated capacity and develop a circular economy. Its No 1 and 2 blast furnaces were put into operation on Sept 25, 2015 and July 15, 2016, respectively. The completion of these two furnaces allowed for an annual production capacity of 9 million tons of iron and steel.


An aerial shot of the Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel factory. [Photo/]