Zhanjiang hosts 1st global conference of Leizhou merchants

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2018-11-26

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The First Global Conference of Leizhou Peninsula Merchants took place in Zhanjiang on Nov 24, with nearly 600 Leizhou natives coming back from the United States, Singapore and Malaysia to aid in their hometown's development.


The First Global Conference of Leizhou Peninsula Merchants is held in Zhanjiang on Nov 24. [Photo/China Marine Economy Expo]

The merchants shared their stories as renowned experts were invited to make suggestions on Zhanjiang's economic development, industrial cultivation and cultural undertakings.

The signing ceremony of cooperation agreements was an important outcome of the promotions prior to the conference, bringing back thousands of Zhanjiang natives to learn more about potential opportunities.

Leizhou people are one of the four major ethnic groups in Guangdong province. More than 6 million live on the Liuzhou Peninsula, 2 million live in other regions around the world, and 1.5 million have emigrated overseas. They are active in politics, business, culture and other circles.

The conference was initiated by the Global Leizhou Peninsula Community Federation and a dozen Leizhou chambers of commerce. It will be held in a different country every two years with the aiming of bonding overseas Leizhou merchants with their countrymen and helping to propel Zhanjiang's development.