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Marine biomedicine experts convene at Beibu Gulf summit

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2018-11-23

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The Beibu Gulf Marine Biomedicine Summit gathered more than 400 experts on Nov 22 to hold in-depth discussions on hot-spot issues while contributing their wisdom to bolstering the reputation and quality of Beibu Gulf's marine biomedicine industry.


Cui Qing, vice mayor of Zhanjiang, delivers a keynote speech at the summit. [Photo/people.cn]

Competition in in-depth exploration and the utilization of marine biological resources, especially the research and industrialization of high-end marine biological products, is already fierce among developed countries.

It is inevitable, therefore, that China's marine biological industry is heading towards a technology-intensive and high-added-value development path, said Jiao Binghua, director of the Second Military Medical University's Marine Biomedicine Research Center.

Du Guanhua, a member of the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology Executive Committee, introduced the status quo of marine drug research and development.

Kang Jingxuan, director of Massachusetts General Hospital's Lipid Medicine Technical Research Center, gave advice on how to make good use of marine resources and develop healthcare products in the context with international trends and in relation to Zhanjiang's current capabilities.

Co-sponsors of the summit included the Organizing Committee of China Marine Economy Expo and Guangdong Medical University.

It is expected that the summit will enhance exchanges between governments, enterprises and associations, sparking new ideas to further propel marine biomedicine development, said Lu Jinghui, president of the university.


The summit will enhance exchanges between governments, enterprises and associations, according to Lu Jinghui, president of Guangdong Medical University. [Photo/people.cn]