Fantawild to build an 'Oriental Heritage' theme park in Suixi

Updated : 2018-10-12

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With an investment of 3 billion yuan ($435.5 million), Fantawild Holdings Inc will build an "Oriental Heritage" theme park in Suixi county, Zhanjiang.

The company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Suixi government on Oct 11.


Fantawild signs a strategic cooperation agreement with the Suixi government on Oct 11. [Photo/]

"Oriental Heritage" is one of four main types of Fantawild theme parks. It brings traditional folk art to life through laser multimedia equipment, three-dimensional effects, miniature reincarnation, and reality shows.

The new theme park will be located in the south wing of Suixi New Town, near the entrance to national highway G75 and the intersection of Zhanjiang and Suixi avenues.

Construction is predicted to last 30 months. Once operational, the 1,000-mu (67-hectare) complex will be able to accommodate more than 3 million tourists annually and is expected to propel the development of local tourism.


Fantawild is experienced at running theme parks that children love. [Photo/]

Fantawild Holdings Inc is a backbone of China's cultural and tourism industry. It is the only company in China with the resources to independently design, produce, and export large theme parks.

The company currently operates 24 theme parks in domestic cities such as Wuhu, Qingdao, Zhuzhou, Zhengzhou, Shenyang and Xiamen, which received a total of 40 million visitors in 2017.


Fantawild theme parks receive 40 million visitors in 2017. [Photo/]