Zhanjiang expo to boost tea culture, tourism

Updated : 2018-09-20

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The 2018 Guangdong (Zhanjiang) Tea Tourism Expo will take place in Zhanjiang from Oct 1 to 5. [Photo/Zhanjiang Daily]

Having been held nine times in Zhanjiang, the 2018 Guangdong (Zhanjiang) Tea Tourism Expo will return to the city from Oct 1 to 5, with more than 150 enterprises attending.

A total of 300 stands will display reputed tea brands such as Chinese High Mountain, Tie Guanyin, Pu'er, Dragon Well, Biluochun, Maofeng, and Maojian. Types of tea include oolong tea, black tea, green tea, dark green tea, white tea, and yellow tea.

Exacted tea, fruit tea, tonic tea, organic tea, and medicinal tea, among others, will also be available. Visitors can observe a slew of tea-related utensils and learn about the latest technology and achievements in the tea industry.

A series of tea-making performances, folk songs, and dances by people from tea-planting areas, as well as tea-related calligraphy and painting exhibitions, are scheduled during the event, with the purpose of further promoting tea culture.


A stunning view of a Zhanjiang tea plantation. [Photo/Zhanjiang Daily]

Tea-centered tour programs are taking on a new form with the vigorous development of rural tourism and tea planting industries. They may include visits to tea plantations, tea-related performances, and tea-flavored food sampling.

The expo will host multiple conferences promoting one-day tours at local tea plantations, as well as rural ecotourism. The recently-opened Jiangmen-Zhanjiang high-speed railway is expected to bring more visitors from across the country to Zhanjiang.

The event will be organized by the Zhanjiang Tourism Bureau and Zhanjiang Agricultural Bureau under the direction of the Zhanjiang Municipal People's Government.