Zhanjiang, northern Hainan, Liuzhou to tap into tourism market

Updated : 2018-09-11

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The Qiongzhou Strait areas of Zhanjiang, northern Hainan and Liuzhou have teamed up to promote the region to tourists during the 2018 China (Guangdong) International Tourism Industry Expo.

Hosted by the Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province, the event is one of China's largest international tourism expos. This year, it was held in Guangzhou from Sept 7 to 9, attracting exhibitors from a record 60 countries and regions.


Zhanjiang hula dance performance at the promotion conference. [Photo/ycwb.com]

At a promotion conference, Zeng Yingru, director of the Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province, delivered a keynote speech highlighting the three areas' geographical proximity and cultural affinity.

Zeng expressed the willingness of Guangdong to ramp up cooperation with Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and Hainan province, and to promote an integrated tourism development across the Qiongzhou Strait.


Electronic screens showcase the stunning natural scenery of the three areas. [Photo/ycwb.com]

Representatives from the three areas briefed the attendees on local tourist resources and travel routes.

Tourism cooperation between Zhanjiang, Liuzhou and northern Hainan can be traced back to the creation of the Northern Hainan-Zhanjiang Regional Tourism Cooperation Organization in 2007. Greater tourism opportunities could help parts of Liuzhou counter poverty.


Zhanjiang, northern Hainan and Liuzhou specialities on display. [Photo/ycwb.com]