How to apply for a mainland residence permit in Zhanjiang

Updated : 2018-09-06

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Application conditions:

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan citizens who live in the Chinese mainland for more than six months and have a legitimate and stable job, residence, or continuous studying experience are eligible to apply for the permits.

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan citizens who are under the age of 16 can apply for the permits via their guardians.

Application materials:

Valid exit-entry document

Receipt of photo taken for the residence permit

Housing, employment or enrollment document certifying that the applicant has lived in the Chinese mainland for more than six months


When applying for the permits, applicants should take the required materials to their local public security bureau. After applying, applicants will receive a mainland residence permit within 20 working days.

Features of the residence permit:

The residence permit includes the name, gender, date of birth, address, ID numbers, photo, fingerprint information, term of validity, issuing authority, issue date, and travel permit number of the holder.

The address codes for ID numbers are 81000 for Hong Kong, 82000 for Macao, and 83000 for Taiwan.

Each permit is valid for five years.


Holders of mainland residence cards will receive advantages in employment, social insurance, and the housing provident fund, and enjoy basic public services related to medical care, compulsory education, culture, sports, and legal assistance.

They will also enjoy more conveniences in public transportation, hotel accommodation, banking and financial affairs, buying tickets for parks, sports, and cultural venues, applying for driver’s licenses, and obtaining vocational qualifications.

Reception sites:

Certification Center in Chikan district

Haibin Police Station in Xiashan district

Gongnong Police Station in Xiashan district

Wukuo Police Station in the Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone

Dongjian Police Station in Donghai district

Ruiyun Police Station in Mazhang district

Haidong Police Station in Potou district

Nansan Security Brigade in Nansan district

Suicheng Police Station in Suixi county

Chengdong Police Station in Xuwen county

Chengnan Police Station in Lianjiang

Xincheng Police Station in Leizhou

Jiefang Police Station in Wuchuan