West railway station receives 190,000 passengers in July

Updated : 2018-07-30

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The newly built Zhanjiang West (High-speed) Railway Station has handled 194,094 departures and 185,820 arrivals since the official opening of the Jiangmen-Zhanjiang Railway on July 1.


A tour group from Jiangmen gets off the high-speed train D7459 at Zhanjiang West Railway Station. [Photo by He Jie/Zhanjiang Daily]

Normally, there are 21 pairs of high-speed trains which run on the route daily. That number will be increased to 24 or 30 during the weekend or peak times, according to Xiong Kaiyu, chief of the railway station.

A standard high-speed train has eight compartments which can accommodate 613 passengers. During the peak travel season, another eight compartments will be added to double the train's transport capacity.

Given the surging travel demand during summer vacation, passengers are advised to buy their railway tickets as early as possible. Station windows and automated ticket vending machines will begin selling tickets 28 days in advance, while the 12306 ticket-booking website allows passengers to buy tickets 30 days in advance.


Travelers buy their tickets at the automated ticket vending machines in Zhanjiang West Railway Station. [Photo by Li Jiabin/Zhanjiang Daily]