One last look at time-honored Chikan Overpass

Updated : 2018-07-20

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The historic but dilapidated Chikan Overpass at the intersection of Shenchuan Avenue and Kangshun Road is planned for demolition.

Built in 1991, it is the first and only highway overpass in Zhanjiang and has formed an important part of the city's collective memory over the past 27 years.

Here are some photos that capture and preserve life under the overpass.


An elderly man who repairs tricycles under the overpass talks to a journalist about the overpass's history. [Photo/]


A migrant worker awaits job opportunities with her child under the overpass. [Photo/]


An elderly man, surnamed Li, cuts his neighbor's hair under the overpass. [Photo/]


A merchant, native to Taizhou, Zhejiang province, repairs high-heels for a customer. [Photo/]


A group of migrant workers talk with each other under the overpass. [Photo/]