Zhanjiang introduces smart dustbins to promote garbage sorting

Updated : 2018-07-09

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Zhanjiang is promoting garbage sorting through the introduction of smart garbage-sorting dustbins into local communities. Registered users can even receive prizes by throwing garbage into categorized bins.

To take part in the garbage-sorting scheme, residents need to apply for a user card and swipe it every time they throw away garbage.

There are four blue dustbins labeled "paper", "plastics", "metal", and "glass". After placing garbage into the corresponding dustbin, the imbedded weighing device will measure the weight of the garbage and award the user's card with points.


There are four blue dustbins labeled "paper", "plastics", "metal", and "glass". [Photo/Zhanjiang Evening News]

Residents can swap the reward points for garbage sacks at vending machines or commodities at designated stores.

The program was first piloted in Huasheng New Town, Chikan district in the first half of this year, and was well-received by locals. Many people have already participated, sorting out their recyclable items from household waste.

This will not only save on manpower, but also increase the efficiency of waste treatment. As an important move in advancing sustainable development, the program has been extended into multiple Zhanjiang communities, according to a Chikan district official.


Brochures are handed out to promote garbage sorting. [Photo/Zhanjiang Evening News]