Zhanjiang launches talent station management regulation

Updated : 2018-07-03

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The Talent Station Management Regulations was recently released by Zhanjiang to bring in more high-caliber talents and innovative entrepreneurial teams and provide them with better service. 


The plaque of the Zhanjiang Talent Station is unveiled by local officials. [Photo/Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province]

According to the document, only those in the following categories are eligible for the talent station: experts dispatched by provincial departments, high-level talents holding a Guangdong Superior Talent Card, and technical specialists, entrepreneurs and artists who are outstanding in their respective domains and sign cooperative agreements with Zhanjiang enterprises.

High-level talents that start a business in the city and are recognized by the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th articles of the Identification Method of Zhanjiang High-Caliber Talents, and high-level talents and innovative entrepreneurial teams who work in the local academician, postdoctoral and doctoral workstations can also qualify.

The talent station is divided into six parts, including one talent station service hall, two academician workstations, three postdoctoral workstations, four talent service centers, five national-level engineering (technological) centers and 46 township industrial technology training bases.  

As a non-profit public service platform, the talent station will organize talent salons, lectures, summits, and training sessions on a regular basis, while hosting all kinds of events related to high-level talents to promote exchanges.

A database of high-caliber talents will be set up so that they can be recommended to local enterprises. The talent station will also offer talents one-stop services such as policy interpretation, and employment and entrepreneurship consultation.  


Zhanjiang Party secretary Zheng Renhao (C) leads a delegation to inspect the talent station [Photo/Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province]