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First reclaimed water car wash station launched in Zhanjiang 

Updated: 2018-06-29

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A self-service reclaimed water car wash station, the first of its kind in Zhanjiang, opened on June 27. It was the city's first step in promoting the use of recycled water in its service industry. 

The facility was established by Zhanjiang Water Management Investment Group Co Ltd at the Chikan Water Purification Plant on Dongsheng Road. Customers can pay with bank cards, cash, or Wechat.


Two people wash their cars at the self-service reclaimed water car wash station at the Chikan Water Purification Plant. [Photo/Zhanjiang Daily]

Reclaimed water refers to wastewater that can be reused after proper treatment. It is widely used in urban greening, garden landscaping, road spraying, municipal construction, industrial cooling, car washing, etc.

Washing cars with recycled water produces no pollution or waste, and it can help Zhanjiang develop a recycling economy, save water resources and raise environmental awareness among its residents. Meanwhile, it is a more affordable option for local car owners.

Reclaimed water is also currently used in Binhu Park for irrigation, and the city plans to continue to expand its use into residential communities and the downtown area.