Zhanjiang tightens control over marine debris

Updated : 2018-06-28

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The Zhanjiang Maritime Affairs Bureau has recently joined hands with local marine surveillance authorities to crack down on the dumping of solid waste into the sea.


Thirteen law enforcement officers are put on two separate boats to inspect port areas. [Photo by Chen Yafeng/chinanews.com]

Thirteen law enforcement officers were split into two teams to inspect port areas where commercial and fishing boats gather. The inspection focused on the disposal and recycling of household waste, as well as anti-pollution measures taken on boats.


Law enforcement officers inspect the anti-pollution measures of a fishing boat.  [Photo by Chen Yafeng/chinanews.com]

Marine debris has been a growing concern due to its harmful effect on oceans, wildlife and humans. The marine environment is deteriorating, and marine animals that have ingested ocean trash have the potential to enter the human food chain.

In response, the Zhanjiang Maritime Affairs Bureau has drafted a special action plan to fight increasing marine pollution. It has strengthened control over commercial vessels and fishing boats through electronic and maritime patrol, on-site supervision and spot checks.

The entry and exit of boats will be monitored by an Automatic Identification System (AIS), Vessel Traffic Service (VTS), Close Circuit Television (CCTV) and an intelligent maritime affairs platform. Small and medium-sized vessels that are stinky or have canvas covering their cargo will be closely watched.