Zhanjiang mayor meets Fantawild president to discuss cooperation

Updated : 2018-06-19

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Zhanjiang Mayor Jiang Jianjun and Liu Daoqiang, president of Fantawild, hold in-depth discussions on potential cooperation between the city and the company in major projects on June 13.

Zhanjiang Mayor Jiang Jianjun met with Liu Daoqiang, president of Fantawild, one of the most well-known companies in China's cultural industry, on June 13 to explore potential cooperation.

At the meeting, Liu presented Fantawild's development strategy and patterns over the last few years and expressed his thanks to the Zhanjiang government for its strong support for its projects. Taking advantage of Fantawild's strengths in branding and technology as well as Zhanjiang's potential coastal tourism development opportunities, Fantawild will deepen its cooperation with the city and speed delivery of new projects there, said Liu.

Welcoming Liu's visit, Jiang briefed him on the socioeconomic situations of Zhanjiang. As one of China's first coastal cities to open to the world and a pivotal city for maritime cooperation involving the Belt & Road Initiative, Zhanjiang highly values the cultural tourism industry and has been pushing forward a series of major projects in the area, according to Jiang.

Jiang believes that, with the upcoming operation of the Shenzhen-Zhanjiang High-Speed Railway, Zhanjiang's cultural industry will soon enter a new era with exponential growth. He also said that Fantawild's successful development models and rich experience in cultural tourism will greatly benefit Zhanjiang's economy in future cooperation between the two sides.