Career planning competition helps students plot course

Updated : 2018-06-05

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A  college student makes a speech about her career prospects at the 1st Zhanjiang  College Student Career Planning Competition. [Photo/Zhanjiang Human Resources  and Social Security Bureau]

The 1st Zhanjiang College Student Career Planning Competition  concluded at Guangdong Ocean University on June 2.

During the event, contestants were encouraged to assess their  capabilities, explore possible career options, and share their future plans  through an essay, on-site presentation, simulative scenarios, and a speech about  occupational outlook.

A panel of professionals made up of professors from Guangdong  Ocean University, Guangdong Medical University, and Lingnan Normal University,  as well as representatives from all walks of life, was set up to provide  guidance and training to participants.


Zhan  Feng, a human resources manager from Guangdong Rainmaker, talks with students  about job selection and fair competition. [Photo/Zhanjiang Human Resources and  Social Security Bureau]

After two weeks of fierce competition, Wei Weijing, a Guangdong Ocean University student, came in first place. Xi Yejuan and Yan Shuqian, two students from Lingnan Normal University and Guangdong Ocean University Cunjin College, respectively, tied for second place.

The event is aimed at guiding local college students in planning their careers and sharing strategies to achieve their goals. Co-organizers included the Zhanjiang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Guangdong Ocean University, and Zhanjiang New Start Vocational Training School.