Naozhou Fishing Port set for modernization

Updated : 2018-05-28

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Naozhou Fishing Port shelters boats from winds and waves. [Photo/]

Renovation of the Naozhou Fishing Port in the Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, the largest demonstration project of its kind in Guangdong province, is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

A total of 358 million yuan ($56 million) will be invested into the project. Two million yuan of that amount is budgeted by provincial government and the rest is coming from municipal and district financial appropriations.

The renovated fishing port on Naozhou Island will be multifaceted and self-contained. It will include all kinds of support facilities, such as seawalls, revetments, wharfs, harbor basins, shipping lanes, cultural squares, and more.

The port area will be divided into two parts, with the southern half covering an area of 100 square meters and the northern half covering 20 square meters. Both areas are designed to withstand a typhoon measuring 12 on the Beaufort scale, and are capable of accommodating more than 2,000 large vessels at one time.

In addition to providing shelter from wind, the fishing port will also engage in aquatic product processing, coastal tourism, and entertainment in order to move ahead with the transformation and upgrading of the local fishery industry.