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Xuwen named China's Most Beautiful Green Ecotourism County

Updated: 2018-05-15

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Xuwen county, Zhanjiang was granted the national-level honorary title of "China's Most Beautiful Green Ecotourism County", local tourism authorities announced on May 9.

The award was conferred at the 2018 Beautiful China – Ecological City and Beautiful Countryside Experience Sharing Conference held in Beijing in late April. The conference not only affirmed the recipients' contributions, but also celebrated their crucial role in ecological construction.

The National Ecological Civilization Construction & Development Forum Organizing Committee, one of the event organizers, selected the winners based on statistical analysis and professional evaluation.

Located at the southernmost tip of the Chinese mainland, Xuwen is surrounded by water on three sides and extends toward Hainan Island across the sea. It is the mainland's gateway to Hainan and a bridgehead linking China with Southeast Asia.

In recent years, Xuwen has adhered to a philosophy of environmental awareness in its economic development. It has increased investment in ecological and cultural construction, and has implemented six major ecological projects concerning programming, construction, preservation, tourism, forestry and oceans.

With the help of its advantageous geography, Xuwen will strengthen its cooperation with Hainan in an attempt to boost integrated tourism development across the Qiongzhou Straits.