Eco-agriculture sightseeing belt to synchronize ecology with economy

Updated : 2018-05-10

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An aerial shot of the picturesque Jinlong Island. [Photo/]

Costing 350 million yuan ($55 million), the Jianjiang Pearl Eco-Agriculture Sightseeing Belt on Jinlong Island, Wuchuan will mix agriculture and sightseeing in an effort to upgrade rural tourism and enhance competitiveness.

The project, which will cover an area of 916 mu (61 hectares), will be divided into three parts. One part is to a build a sci-tech agricultural demonstration park, whose soil will be improved through agricultural technologies and classified by its characteristics.

The second part is a 70-mu (4.6-hectare) tract that will be reserved for demonstration park infrastructure and tourist reception facilities. For the convenience of visitors, the operator also plans to build a bridge connecting the island with Provincial Road No 373 (S373).

In addition to farmland fun and farmhouse treats, a variety of entertainment facilities will be available to enhance tourist engagement. They include a roundabout highway, sightseeing boats, a floating restaurant, and eco-themed hotels.

According to the project head, the Jianjiang Pearl Eco-agriculture Sightseeing Belt is poised to push forward the development of emerging industries in rural areas and thereby realize a unification of ecological, economic and social benefits.