CSU ramps up cooperation with Zhanjiang in education

Updated : 2018-04-24

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An agreement is signed between GOU and CSU to ramp up cooperation in education. [Photo/Zhanjiang Foreign Affairs & Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau]

Colorado State University (CSU) in the United States will work with Guangdong Ocean University (GOU) and Zhanjiang No 1 High School to cultivate more talent, according to a cooperative agreement signed on April 18.

Under the partnership, GOU students who sign up for the "2+2" undergraduate program will be sent to CSU to study for two or three years. This allows them to receive a bachelor's degree from both universities upon graduation.

Students from Zhanjiang No 1 High School who are admitted to CSU will be able to receive a scholarship covering a third of tuition for up to five academic years.

CSU is a public research university founded in 1870 and located in the US state of Colorado. It offers 150 programs across eight colleges and 55 departments, along with advanced teaching facilities and professional faculty members. It leads the nation in the research of epidemiology, meteorology, clean energy and environmental sciences.

The partnership will help the city to become more international and foster economic development through the cultivation of talents, said Huang Mingzhong, vice mayor of Zhanjiang, at the signing ceremony.


Zhanjiang Vice Mayor Huang Mingzhong says the partnership will benefit the city's international outlook and economic development. [Photo/Zhanjiang Foreign Affairs & Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau]