Zhanjiang to aid Guangdong in development efforts

Updated : 2018-04-17

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Zhanjiang Party chief Zheng Renhao talks about the city's past achievements and future development plans during an interview with Nanfang Daily. [Photo/southcn.com]

The southern city of Zhanjiang pledged all support to help Guangdong province become a national frontrunner in institutional construction, economic development, opening-up and social governance, said Party chief Zheng Renhao in an interview with Nanfang Daily.

This will be achieved by establishing the city as a new center for growth in Guangdong through the construction of traffic infrastructure, expansion of industrial parks, high-quality development of urban areas as well as rejuvenation of rural areas.

I. Establish an institutional system conducive to high-quality economic development

The uneven regional development between the Pearl River Delta and Western, Eastern and Northern Guangdong has long been a major concern of the province. To address this problem, the 3rd Plenary Session of the 12th CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee proposed to bolster its eastern and western regions as new engines of growth.

Zhanjiang, which is located in the less-developed Western Guangdong, has a long-term vision for its future which takes a sound institutional system as the foundation for its development.

Under the guidance of a national strategic blueprint, Zhanjiang will focus on what is known as the "Four Comprehensives", namely, building a moderately prosperous society, deepening reform, strengthening rule of law and strictly enforcing Party leadership.

Meanwhile, the city will continue to push ahead with supply-side structural reform, including strengthening weak links, lowering corporate costs, tackling overcapacity, reducing inventories and deleveraging. This is to make more room for emerging industries and realize long-term sustainable development.

Zhanjiang will also improve its business environment by building a digital government and streamlining administration, delegating powers to lower levels, strengthening regulation and optimizing services. Most administrative affairs will be able to be handled online, while the "one visit at most" philosophy is promoted for on-site processing.

II. Establish a modernized & high-level economic system

The past 40 years of reform and opening-up has laid a solid foundation for Zhanjiang to establish a modernized economic system. In 2017, Zhanjiang received industrial investments totaling 62.73 billion yuan ($10 billion), a year-on-year increase of 10.7 percent. Another 100 enterprises above designated size also settled in the city last year.

Zhanjiang will continue to push ahead with the construction of major industrial projects, and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The city will support local strategic emerging industries with a heavier focus on innovation.

The Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone was promoted to national level by the State Council this year. The city will make the most of this opportunity to change the model for economic growth by establishing several innovation and scientific & technological achievement transformation platforms.

III. Speed up the formation of a new opening-up model

As the major passageway between Southwest China and the sea, Zhanjiang is an important port city in the country. At the same time, it serves as a significant land channel connecting the urban clusters of Beibu Gulf with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Relying on its geographical advantage, Zhanjiang will ride the wave of development brought by the Greater Bay Area and build industrial cooperation zones with Guangzhou and Foshan. In collaboration with Hainan Island, Zhanjiang will push forward the construction of the Qiongzhou Straits Economic Belt.

Turning to the outside world, Zhanjiang will deepen cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the European Union, Africa, South Asia and Middle East. The construction of a national innovation platform will attract more international resources to Zhanjiang.

IV. Forge a social governance pattern characterized by widespread participation and universal benefits

Zhanjiang released its Action Plan to Strengthen Grassroots Party Construction & Governance in Rural Areas in early March, as it strives for a social governance system featuring widespread participation and universal benefits. It will delegate resources, services and management to a more local level.

Furthermore, Zhanjiang will continue to adhere to its people-centered development philosophy and increase investment into projects designed to improve people's livelihoods. In addition to poverty alleviation, issues related to education, healthcare, employment, housing and elderly care will be top priorities for the government.