Zhanjiang NPC deputies stress importance of transport construction

Updated : 2018-03-07

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Zhanjiang deputies to the 13th NPC discuss the proposals that they are about to make. [Photo by Zhang Fengfeng/Zhanjiang Daily]

The seven Zhanjiang deputies to the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) have been actively proposing suggestions which can help improve the living standards of their constituents, and sharing the city's previous successes to the nation.

According to Mayor Jiang Jianjun, in the last four decades since China adopted the reform and opening-up policies, the nation has undergone a historic transformation from a relatively closed and backwards economy to a prosperous and civilized country full of vigor.

As a pilot city along the Belt & Road, Zhanjiang's development cannot diverge from national strategies. On the other hand, good proposals, plans, projects that have emerged in its development can be and should be integrated into the national layout.


Zhanjiang delegates receive interviews after the meeting. [Photo by Zhang Fengfeng/Zhanjiang Daily]

Prior to the meeting, Zhanjiang deputies have conducted in-depth investigations into local socioeconomic undertakings in terms of transport construction, industrial projects, livelihood, ecological development and environmental protection.

Out of all the subjects mentioned above, they have attached the greatest importance to the city's transport construction. As Jiang put it, transport is the major solution to address the uncoordinated and unbalanced development among regions and has long been the biggest bottleneck to Zhanjiang's economic growth.

It is hoped that the country will plan even more high-speed railways which wil run through Zhanjiang in the future. It will not only benefit local residents geographically, but help the city assume a bigger role under the framework of Belt & Road Initiative, said deputy Liu Xiaoquan, a member of the Communist Party branch in Wuliang village.